Test everything for free

When you create a new event, it starts out as a test event. You can create as many test events as you want and you won’t ever be charged for them.

  • Flassh makes it easy to set up and test your events for free.

  • Test events are completely free and never expire.

  • Create unlimited test events and capture up to 25 photos.

Pay Per Event Pricing

$29 per live event

Perfect for the one-off party. Use Flassh as you need it.

  • Capture unlimited photos for 24 hours

  • We'll keep your photos online and available for viewing for 2 years after your event

  • Purchased credits never expire

Pro Plan Pricing

$99 per month
No contracts, cancel anytime.

Unlimited events

  • Run endless events, take limitless photos

  • We'll store your photos for the life of your subscription

Promote your brand, not ours

  • Host your web gallery on your own domain name

  • Remove Flassh branding from the booth and web gallery


  • Download email addresses captured when photos are shared

  • Access photo and video/GIF share counts

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